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  • Chris Lovelock (Oakham)

    Chris Lovelock (Oakham)

    A couple of years ago we had tried to turn our lawn into a flower meadow. The result was a mess of weeds and six foot thistles! One Wednesday evening in April, with a clear weekend ahead and a good forecast, I decided it was time to rotovate the lawn and lay some new turf. I searched the Internet for ‘turf’ and within half an hour had an order placed with Turfland, with a delivery date in 2 days, in time to lay the turf at the weekend. The result has been amazing; to go from a weed patch to a beautiful garden full of bees and butterflies is highly recommended.

  • Jonathan Roberts (Swindon)

    Jonathan Roberts (Swindon)

    When we moved in the garden was completely overgrown with 2 huge cherry trees leaving no light for anything else (see insert) So with help from our parents, and over several months, we chopped the trees down, evened out the ground and laid the path and border. Finally we laid the turf, which our 12 week old daughter now loves lying on!

  • Angela Lambert (Norfolk)

    Angela Lambert (Norfolk)

    My garden has a whole host of jobs to do. It's a play area to 3 dogs and 2 boisterous grandsons. It's a venue for summer parties, a source of fresh fruit and vegetables and it's a foraging ground for my honeybees. One small area has been turned into a mini wildflower meadow using Meadowmat wild flower turf. It's four years old now and looks better every year. The bees love it and the grandsons enjoy hunting for frogs and spiders in the tall foliage. Me? I like to wander down there and just have 5 minutes peace surrounded by the flora and fauna.

  • Liz Drury (Southport)

    Liz Drury (Southport)

    We bought this house in 2011 when it was in a very run down state (inside & out) after years of neglect. Because the inside of the house needed extensive work, we didn't start work on the garden until May last year (2013). As it’s come such a long way in a relatively short space of time I've included ‘before & after’ photo’s. They’re pretty self explanatory though!

  • Julie Stell (Dorset)

    Julie Stell (Dorset)

    Having completed a total renovation of our cottage, we decided to start on the garden. It was the first time that we had laid such a large area of turf and the Turfland office staff were both friendly and knowledgeable. We laid the turf over a period of approx. 4 months and the deliveries were always of excellent quality and arrived on the dates expected. We have since invested in a petrol cylinder mower with roller, scarifier, aerator, and grooming brush attachments in an attempt to maintain the lawn in the way that it deserves. After all our hard work, this is the view that we now see from the garden room of the cottage!

  • Hannah Verrall (Pembrokeshire)

    Hannah Verrall (Pembrokeshire)


  • Neal Rust (Dartford)

    Neal Rust (Dartford)

    This lawn was in an awful condition and needed completely returfing.I laid this fantastic turf and cut the lawn four weeks later, achieving this fabulous result. I run my own landscaping business and take pride in my work. I enjoy achieving the best results and presenting work of a high standard.

  • Kaysha Stopps (Market Harborough)

    Kaysha Stopps (Market Harborough)


  • Daniel Bowers (Chelmsford)

    Daniel Bowers (Chelmsford)

    Our garden was a building site after finishing the extension, first we laid pipes for the irrigation system and armoured cable for 28 LED lights only totalling 60 watts, we laid Indian Sand Stone level with our beautiful turf, finishing with many trips to the nursery to fill up the borders... We love it.

  • Celia Mitchener (Poole)

    Celia Mitchener (Poole)

    My husband thought that this was an amusing way of creating stripes on the lawn. Use a young family member i.e great-niece to add weight to the brush. It works!

  • Richard Coughlan (Saltash)

    Richard Coughlan (Saltash)

    I purchased turf from Turfland with the promise of quality and good service. The reason for the purchase was to match in with our current lawn after having to remove a large section of shrubs to remove a bramble problem. The company excelled in its promises, from the curtesy of the delivery driver manoeuvring to drop the palate of turf close to the house to the excellent quality of the product supplied. Quality turf that put to shame local garden centres and other suppliers in our area. I would recommend Turfland for quality turf without reservations.

  • Jackie Knight (Formby)

    Jackie Knight (Formby)

    This garden titled making a splash was designed by landscaper Jackie Knight based in Formby near Liverpool. It was designed to celebrate her 20 years in the landscaping business as well as her 20th wedding anniverary. It included garden features that are favourites with Jackie and her clients. Jackie’s trademark sandstone rock and water garden featured a stone bridge that crossed a stream that lead to an outdoor entertainment area. A wooden summerhouse featured Enviromat Sedum living roof mat supplied by Turfland/Q Lawn. A MeadowMat wild flower lawn lead up a bank to the source of the water feature where water tumbled down over rocks to a central pond.

  • Chris Featherstone (Widnes)

    Chris Featherstone (Widnes)

    I wanted to transform my outside space into a low maintenance garden with simple clean lines. Adding decking from the rear doors of the house and separating the space to a long turf area gave me a outside haven to enjoy on summer evenings. Where better to get the perfect grass than Turfland.co.uk. Even better that all the maintenance work was done with family & friends to enjoy it more.

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