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Sedum Matting

When you buy Enviromat sedum matting from Turfland you can be confident that you will be recieving the very best in quality, customer service and value for money.

Winter cancellation policy

Please note that between November and March we are unable to accept order cancellations at less than 2 working days notice. (this is to keep our labour costs down). If you cancel your order with short notice you may still be asked to pay a handling charge.

  • "No Mow" Sedum Turf

    "No Mow" Sedum Turf

    A sedum lawn provides a beautiful alternative to a traditional grass lawn. It creates a spectacular ornamental ground cover that will add a wow factor to any landscape scheme.

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  • Enviromat Sedum Flat Green Roof Kit

    Enviromat Sedum Flat Green Roof Kit

    A living sedum roof on a flat roof that can be installed in an afternoon. This kit will instantly enhance any sturdy building with a roof pitch of 3 degrees or less.

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  • Enviromat Sedum Pitched Green Roof Kit

    Enviromat Sedum Pitched Green Roof Kit

    A green roof kit that can be installed in a day and suitable for rooms with a gentle slope - 3 - 20 degrees. Creates a low maintenance flower garden on your roof.

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