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Golf Course Turf

We have been growing turf for golf courses for over 50 years. Our range covers all golf course grass surface requirements, greens, tees and fairways. The turf is grown on free draining, grade 1 soils ranging from mineral sandy soils to organic loams. The greens turf is produced on natural sandy soils close to USGA specification.

  • Top Soil - bulk bag

    Top Soil - bulk bag

    A highly fertile, natural topsoil, sourced from our own prime arable farmland.
    As a rule of thumb, 1 bulk bag covers 30 sq metres to a depth of 1".

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  • Gardman Water Retaining Gel 1kg

    Gardman Water Retaining Gel 1kg

    Don't let dry weather stop you from laying a new lawn. Use this product and reduce the need for watering by up to 4 times!

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  • Turfland Lawn Topdressing  30 x 25litres

    Turfland Lawn Topdressing 30 x 25litres

    Lawn Topdressing is 100% organic. It will improve the root zone of lawn grasses, reduces compaction and improves aeration.

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