Winter Lawn Care: Choosing the right feed for winter lawns

Why feed your lawn in winter?

Your lawn doesn’t hibernate in the winter.  When the days are short and the weather is cooler grass grows much slower.  That doesn’t mean it’s dormant, it’s still respiring (breathing), the roots are still growing and it’s busy making preparations for spring.  It’s more important for grass to have the right mix of nutrients during the winter months than it is in summer.

three bowls of vegetable soups, tomato, carrot and celery

Humans need healthy food to help them survive the winter and so does your lawn.  We're not suggesting you tip tomato soup on to the garden but you really should apply a specially formulated autumn/winter lawn feed between november and february.

A bit like me really – I don’t want to grow any more, but I definitely still get hungry and I need to eat the right food to keep me healthy.  Especially if (like the lawn) I’m in the garden all day (in which case I need steak and kidney pudding, mince pies, custard, cake etc)

What does your winter lawn need?

Firstly a little bit of TLC. 

  • Remove all of the furniture and ornaments to let the grass see the sun.
  • Sweep off those fallen leaves,
  • Mow every other week if the weather allows
  • Keep an eye out for fungal diseases
  • Avoid walking on frozen lawns
  • Apply the right feed for winter lawns

Which is the best winter feed for your lawn?

I’m a big fan of Nutrifusion Autumn/Winter feed for my own lawn.  I like the idea that it’s not mass-manufactured and it’s been developed by a relatively small Company.  I tend to judge gardening products on the thinking that went into their development.  Nutrifusion was developed by a company that specialises in the care of golf courses and sports pitches.  It was made to make lawns strong rather than to make chemical companies rich.  It’s not the cheapest lawn feed out there but it satisfies my lawn and my conscience.

Nutrifusion costs around 10p/m2 – which in the big scheme of things is really not much money at all.

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If you have a large lawn and moss is causing problems for you, you could try Greensmaster Pro-Lite  Autumn Fertiliser.  That comes out at just under 6p/m2 and contains Iron to control moss and give your lawn a lovely deep green colour.

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Want to know more about winter lawn care?

Modern Lawn Care is a fabulous book written by the head greenkeeper at the Oxford Golf Club.  It’s packed full of common sense advice.  It also makes a fabulous Christmas present.   Don’t tell him, but it’s what my Dad will be finding under the tree this year.

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